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PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2012 9:23 am 

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Concepts of Pleasure Cause Happiness or Pain!
Concepts with acceptance make our core beliefs that count /matter in life. We follow these guidelines blindly and make our identity. They finally act just like our instructors who tell us what to do, how to do, how to feel, what not to do, and how not to do. In this process of belief structure, time and experiences matter a lot. The more repetitions of similar concepts we have, the stronger our belief would be. The more time passes, the harder it is to change its very nature.
Would you like to introduce a toy to your child that you cannot afford to buy? Certainly not! Then why we are introduced to , wishes, hopes, things we do not possess or more precisely cannot afford in the near future at least? Here, my main emphasis is on media that is responsible for our about happy life, social life, customs, culture, traditions, fashion, and also for feeling sad, happy, calm, cool, invariant, and warm.
When we are exposed to in the form of a rich happy life depicted in TV serials/advertisements/movies, we make a little wish at that time that transforms into a hope later on, and if we are not destined to achieve it, it becomes a source of permanent pain in our hearts. We unconsciously define standards of and are never satisfied with our present state as a result. All in all, we give miserable feelings to ourselves by setting unachievable (impossible) goals in our lives. What I think, Media (including movies) and fashion or cultural magazines are all responsible for it. Therefore awareness of how to become happy (materialistic approach) may cause dissatisfaction in our hearts because we have no resources to buy those standards of .
Similarly when we see somebody extremely nice in some movie, we set the standard of niceness for that character automatically. When we do not find such character in our real life, we are stressed out or depressed as a result. In other words our unconscious world keeps on setting standards of happiness, goodness, kindness, niceness for different characters usually of us and our , and we unconsciously struggle for those qualities in us and those we belong to. Unfortunately, nobody qualifies those standards exactly (as they are fake and incomplete standards), so we regret and become disappointed/dissatisfied forever.
There are many cultural concepts including traditions that are thought as part of life and people blindly follow them. Nobody bothers whether they are following a right thing or wrong: as they are walking in wilderness of ignorance. David (2009) argues, “How important is it that we maintain the traditions of our societies? We, unconsciously try to adapt the whole culture and sometimes put ourselves in trouble because there are many things that cause problems for us,Gucci Outlet Online. For example, a culture is not permitting women the rights she deserves, women in that culture will never be at ease or acculturation is hard to achieve. So it would be wise not to expose to such unhealthy cultural norms or ignore their hidden messages to save us from and depression. As in some of the cultures of the world, happiness is defined in a way that restricts our identity and and delimits our innate freedom to explore the world realistically.
It makes sense when we talk about health issues these days, we all are ready to listen doctors (physiological & Biological) any time and pay full attention to their advice. Then why don’t we pay attention to the brain doctors? They not only try to keep an important part of you, healthy (brain),Burberry Outlet, but also make your whole body healthy.
Nevertheless, we are damaging our brains consciously and offering them in the hands of others for brain washing -sometimes to cinema pictures to develop our thinking, to cheap , to T.V. shows, to radio chatters, and to so-called cultural roots (negative). Although, we have different beliefs/reasons to support our decisions/choices, but indeed we are wrong. We are being educated unconsciously, mostly indirectly and deeply in spite of its worse side effects on our physical and psychological health.
Other than some particular problems of which relate to one’s ability and physical aspects, our most of the problems are basically conceptual ones. We believe in other things and receive other things. This conceptual contradiction makes us depressed and irritated- leading us towards a number of psychological problems in the long run. Especially in relationship problems, always there is a conceptual clash and each party thinks its concept is true. Have you ever experienced such feelings- he/she should behave like that or he or she should talk about this in this manner or he/she should not do/say this. All this stuff is product of belief- conflict among us about the same phenomenon. And in such cases, each party is at right cause relative to his/her point of view. Thus most unhealthy, unrealistic and unpredictable standards /concepts/ beliefs behave like silent killers in us, and we are never aware of their presence until the cure is too late. They are spread in our brains through cultural norms, media reflections, cheap magazines etc. We need to be very cautious to not let them travel in our brain to become our boss. Otherwise the worst outcomes will indulge like low , low IQ,Gucci Outlet, poor understanding, poor sociability, low and many other psychological and physical disturbances,
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